Community Support for Residents in Need

Our Mission:

 USR Cares is a nonprofit volunteer organization dedicated to expanding the safety net of residents of Upper Saddle River, when faced with challenges of daily living, illness, or a catastrophic event.  USR Cares was established as a community resource to help residents in critical situations.  Our organization acts as a resource for residents to help find assistance and solutions for specific needs. Assistance may consist of financial relief or volunteer services such as grocery shopping, transportation, and meal delivery, to name a few. USR Cares has a network of volunteers comprised of residents, medical professionals, community organizations, and local businesses.  The primary goal of USR Cares is to be a means of relief for those experiencing difficulties in daily life, a health or financial crisis. 

 Community support may consist of volunteering time or providing a financial contribution. USR Cares is dependent on the generosity of our Upper Saddle River community, including residents, local organizations, town officials, and local businesses. Donations are tax deductible and all contributions are used to further the efforts of the organization in providing assistance to USR residents.